Trash to Treasure

It’s April, and you know what that means — time for spring cleaning! We’ll sort through our clothes, we’ll purge our garages, we’ll clear out our junk drawers. But to do with all that stuff?

What if, instead of disposing of everything, we give it new life? What if we “upcycle”and turn that trash into treasure?

Well, guess what….there are Meetups for that.


The Meetup Upcycling Community is a vibrant collection of thrifty doers who use creativity and collaboration to transform that unwanted stuff into magical creations.

Take The Upcyclers – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Meetup. They transform everyday items into masterpieces of creativity.

And then we have the Gateway Arts District UpcycleJunkies Meetup. Run by organizer Senior Dumpster Diva, they pool together their discarded objects, help inspire each other, and share DIY techniques.

They create mosaics from mirrors, flower pots, frames. They turn broken costume jewelry into bouquets. They meet to create vision boards, spark ideas, and share supplies.

They also drink wine, share snacks, and gab. Now, those are definitely Meetups to treasure.

Going Green with the H2O Trash Patrol Meetup

Every single being walking the earth is unique. Even identical twins, who share 100% of their DNA, have marked differences brought about by environmental factors. That’s 7 billion individuals, each carrying around a combination of traits that belong to them and only them.

Among all of this difference, there’s one inescapable thing that joins us together, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future  — that we all inhabit planet earth.

Most, if not all, can agree on the fact that our home planet desperately needs a giant hug. As Earth Day approaches, we wanted to shed light on an amazing Meetup group that humbly give our planet some much-needed love.

The H2O Trash Patrol: Paddleboarding/Surfing/Water Cleanup in Encenitas, California gets together twice a month to remove debris from local bodies of water — while stand up paddleboarding!

h20 trash patrol 2

This wonderful Meetup comes together to clean the planet. They not only remove garbage from our lakes and oceans, but they also work hard to educate others and bring awareness to their cause. Even better – they do this on a regular basis, meeting up every other Saturday to clean a different waterway. Keeping the earth habitable for future generations is an ongoing effort, and this Meetup sets a great example, all while turning clean-up into an exhilarating, fresh-air, fun activity.

Let’s all take a cue from the H20 Trash Patrol, and our earth will breathe a sigh of relief. Cheers to you, H20 Trash Patrol, for keeping a loving eye on our planet, and all those who inhabit it.


Stretch & Move Your Way to Laughter

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine and that yoga is 99 percent practice, only one percent theory. Putting the two together — in a rousing session of Laughter Yoga — is an enriching way to thaw out from the cold of winter and step into the sunshine of spring. A splendid way to treat yourself: both mind and body, with a hearty side of giggles.

Laughter Yoga Club Manchester prides itself on keeping each and every Meetup simple and playful. All you have to do is show up and laugh. There’s no pressure to dazzle others with jokes, force a smile, or even show up in a good mood. The beauty is showing up exactly as you are and relaxing into the moment.


Mustering up the courage to attend any sort of fitness related Meetup can be a little intimidating. There can often be a little bit of hesitation when stepping into a new class or workshop, asking yourself: Will I know the right moves? What will the instructor be like? Will I stick out as the “new person”? The good news is this: that’s normal! Almost everyone feels those unsure feelings about being new.

The important part is to step directly through that hesitation to find what’s on the other side. More often than not, there’s a group of people waiting with open arms.


The best Meetups are run by dedicated individuals like Maria, organizer of Laughter Yoga Club Manchester, who create a safe and welcoming environment for each and every member.

Members reveal the sort of lighthearted transformation that takes place at each Meetup. Member Tasha commented, “My soul was cleansed!” on a recent Meetup. George also wrote about the sort of community that he’s discovered: “You get a real sense of the positive values of laughing yoga, which mean you leave feeling relaxed, enriched and above all, happy! Strongly recommend.”

If you’re still unsure, that’s okay. Take a leap of faith and treat yourself to a heart-lifting, body-moving adventure. Find a local yoga Meetup — laughter or otherwise — near you.

Spring Blooms in DC’s Historical District

Spring has officially arrived, and with it comes sunnier days, warmer weather, and plans of weekend getaways.

For residents in Washington, DC, spring also signals the arrival of one of the city’s most iconic sights– the famous cherry blossoms. Since 1912, when the mayor of Tokyo gifted 3,000 cherry trees to the city of Washington, DC, the trees have symbolized the enduring friendship between Japan and the US.

peak bloom

In DC, the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival is a huge event, with crowds rivaling those of NYC’s Times Square. The blossoms are only considered to be at full bloom for a 5 to 6 day period, and at “peak bloom” only for a single day, making the sight all the more special.

The Washington, DC History & Culture Meetup, a Meetup centered around exploring the rich culture of the DC area that boasts 3,474 members, recently took advantage of this spring spectacle with a Cherry Blossom Friday Night “Peak Bloom” Walk. Seventy-one “Washingtonians” met up to take the nearly 3 mile walk around DC’s Tidal Basin, the focal point of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, passing historical sites like the Jefferson Memorial and MLK, Jr. Memorial along the way.

peak bloom 2

This is the second year that Organizer Robert Kelleman has taken the group on this walk. Attendee Jimisha, a DC resident for over four years, but first time cherry-blossom viewer, said it did not disappoint. Others cited the breathtaking beauty of the flowers too, as well as the amazing company of their fellow Meetupers.

Whether you live in the DC area and are able to catch the blooms before they disappear or not, the Washington, DC History & Culture Meetup’s Cherry Blossom Walk is a great reminder for us all to get out and smell the flowers!