Finding Community & Beauty in a Ghost Town

Around 200 years ago thousands of people migrated to New Mexico and other western lands in search of gold, silver, copper, and turquoise.

Hundreds of towns sprang up to accommodate the rapid migration, many of which were later abandoned with as much haste.

These deserted settlements, now “Ghost Towns,” bear structures that serve as eerie and beautiful monuments to the American dream.

Ghost Towns of New Mexico

The Photographic Exploration of Ghost Towns of New Mexico Meetup brings folks with a sense of adventure and interest in history on trips to check out the remains of these towns.

Whether your interest is in exploration, local history, or photography, this Meetup delivers. Organizer Joshua started the Meetup in November 2015, and together they’ve already uncovered many local treasures, including the abandoned silver mines of Lake Valley, an endangered historic tavern, and crumbling buildings marred by roaming bison.



But why drive hours out of your way to see old foundations and rusted metal?

Joshua put it best:

“…wordly travelers spend much money and time gazing at ancient stone ruins in Europe, South America, Central America, and Asia. Though New Mexico has been settled for hundreds of years, what remains of the abandoned settlements and mining towns is our ‘Machu Picchu’. That is the reason I wanted to form such a Meetup. Developing a photographic history of what NM has left before they crumble away. I feel there is just as much history and beauty in an old rusting car or an old Post office as is of a pile of stones that fell off a Greek gathering place.”

Wherever you live, you can find beauty and meaning in your local history. Why not explore it with cameras and friends?

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Why we’re making changes

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Carpe Diem in the Windy City

We all have one — that long bucket list of things we’d love to do but just haven’t seemed to have the chance to do yet.  What’s on yours? Skydiving? Going on that cross-country road trip you’ve always dreamed of? Seeing the Northern Lights?

One of the biggest obstacles might be that you haven’t found the right people to take these plunges with.  Enter the Chicago Bucket List Meetup.

Founded over five years ago in the Windy City, this inclusive and active Meetup has endless amounts of wacky adventure. “Our group is diverse but we all have something in common – we love to have fun!”

Ready to go dragon boat racing? Uh, yes. Check.

dragon boat racing

What about joining in on a poetry slam? Check.

Demolition derby? Check.

demolition derby

Mountain bike through the Rockies? Check.

mountain biking

Pushing yourself to try new experiences gives you not only the chance to check some activities off the ole bucket list (with some great adrenaline rushes!), but also the ability to find that *something more* that you’ve been craving — a deeper exploration of you.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll add some new friends along the way.