To Meetup’s LGBTQ community,

We’re writing to share our deepest sympathies after yesterday’s tragic shooting in Orlando.

The history of the LGBTQ movement shows us that people are most powerful when they come together. There are more than 3,000 LGBTQ Meetup groups with a half million members around the world. Together, we can be powerful.

Consider scheduling an #OrlandoUnited Meetup in June to honor the victims and create a web of support this Pride Month. (Simply add #OrlandoUnited in the event name.)

Whether you’re seeking support, or can be there for someone else, showing up makes a difference.

Support each other. Community will prevail.

Schedule or RSVP.

Scott Heiferman & Brendan McGovern
Meetup Cofounders

Photo credit: The Adventuring – LGBT Outdoors Club


What’s in a Meetup group logo?

If you’re looking to make your Meetup stand out, having an awesome logo is a great way to convey the purpose of the Meetup, stand out to new members and become a source of pride and recognition for the members you already have. And here’s the secret: a lot of Meetups don’t have them!  Read on to see what goes into a great logo design and to find out how to get a unique logo made for your Meetup.


Inside the design of a great Meetup group logo: 

This one comes from New Tech Northwest.  They went the professional route (but don’t stress, there are other options).  They had a design agency do up a design to convey these ideas:

1. The community has to feel an affinity for the logo to identify as a part of New Tech’s identity.
2. Color – Blue and Green are all you see in the Northwest and it feeds us.
3. People – a font that represents a community you feel a part of, like a favorite sports team.
4. Place – Pacific Northwest elements the community feels represent them – Mount Rainier (nature), the Space Needle (innovation) and hugely tall trees (nature). We’re only missing the water.
5. Technology – microchip fibers; the foundational highways that support the communications that drive innovation.

Here are more examples of what some other Meetups have done:




Designing your own logo: 

If you can’t go the professional agency route, here are some other options:

  1. Ask a super talented family member to make something for you.
  2. Reach out to your Meetup community.  There’s always someone who knows someone who knows a friends of a friend who can call in a favor.
  3. Use Fiverr. Custom logo design for as low as $5.
  4. Stay tuned for upcoming Meetup group logo templates in the next few months!


Share it with us!

Once you’re ready to shout it out to the world, make sure to tag #MyMeetupGroupLogo so we can see it.

Happy logo-ing!