We went to the very first Hamilton Sing Along Meetup

For most people it’s enough to just see the most-buzzed-about show on Broadway, but for the die-hards of the Hamilton Sing Along Meetup, that’s only the beginning.

After the live show ends, the Hamilton score takes on a life of its own in the minds of those who hear it.  “It’s just brilliant. It’s brilliant.” the Meetup’s organizer, Ed, gushes as he conveys the catchiness of the melodies, the complexity of the lyrics.  He briefly recalls not being a fan of hip hop before seeing the show, but then breaks spontaneously into a verse, rapping, “this is not a moment, it’s a movement world. The hungriest brothers with something to prove went,” and then he laughs. 

“It happens a lot,” he says.


The inaugural Meetup happened on a Friday evening in a Manhattan apartment belonging to Ed, who played the entire Hamilton score from start to finish on a baby grand piano in his living room, while the 17-or-so members in attendance meticulously belted every word.

For members, the Meetup offers an opportunity to experience the musical personally, over and over again.  “I consider myself to be an experiential person. I like experiences,” Ed says.  “This is such an in-the-moment thing. There are very few activities where when you’re doing them, you can’t be doing anything else.  Playing music is like that, and I thought, ‘imagine having a room full of people doing that.’”

What’s something you’ve experienced that you wish you could relive again and again?


This Meetup is trying to drive $10 billion to conscious companies. Here’s why:

The world deserves better businesses.

The Conscious Capitalism NYC Meetup is one of 25 Meetup chapters around the world that brings like-minded people together who are interested in and support the conscious capitalism movement.

There are 4 tenets of the movement:

That a business’ higher purpose is to generate more value than just dollars

That employees, customers, the environment and the community in which the business operates are all partners in what the business should hope to achieve

That leaders should act more like servants and coaches than dictators

That company cultures should support people and be infused with care, love and kindness

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And so in order to put those ideas into practice, one of the goals Conscious Capitalism set for itself is to drive $10 billion to conscious companies by 2017.

“There’s a massive lack of trust for business in society right now, and for good reason. From corruption and lack of respect for the environment, to putting profits ahead of the issues that are important to the communities where they’re functioning. And so if we can show that conscious companies are actually the most successful companies, we can begin to change that narrative and also create a tremendous amount of value in the world.” – Daniel Dworkin, Co-organizer Conscious Capitalism NYC

Is there a movement you’re passionate about?