An easier way to browse Meetups

We’re taking the next step to improve our apps for iOS and Android by making it easier to find Meetups for all the things you’re into.

A few weeks ago when we relaunched our apps, we introduced a new browsing experience that exposes the breadth and depth of the Meetup network, and connects more of our members to the right experience for them. Now we’re building on that foundation by adding a new tab that offers another way to find Meetups.

The upcoming release makes it easier to see:

  • All the upcoming Meetups in your Meetup groups
  • The Meetups you’ve said you’re going to attend
  • Your past Meetups
  • An at-a-glance view of what’s happening in your city

For longtime Meetup users, you’ll see that this upcoming release has a familiar look. In the weeks since that launch, we realized that Meetup members missed the calendar view that had previously been available in the app. We always planned to make it easier — and we’re grateful for the advocacy of devoted members and organizers who shared how important this was to them.

Today, this functionality is available in beta. Next week, we expect to make it available to all of Meetup’s app users.

If you want to join our beta program so you can offer us feedback on the app, follow the instructions below:

— Android: Opt in to become a tester here.

— iOS: Sign up here.