1. You have an idea

Whether you want to run in the mornings, start a company or just have conversations over a cup of coffee once/month, Meetup is the best place to bring any idea to life, ambitious or simple.


2. You recognize opportunities in problems

Maybe you aren’t as creative as you used to be, you don’t read as much as you want to, you’re not as active as you want to be or you want more from your career––whatever your problem is, you know it can be better.

3. You know that experiences are everything

You know that our lives are nothing if not shaped by the experiences we have, and experiences are better when they’re shared with other people. It only takes one chance meeting with the right person to change your life forever.


4. You know that people are the answer

YouTube tutorials, message boards, self-help books, online courses. You know there are lots of ways to get information on your own, but nothing compares to knowledge you get face-to-face. People at Meetups share expertise, provide motivation and hold each other accountable to their personal goals.



You don’t need any special tools or training to be a great Meetup organizer. If you have an idea and the desire to make it happen, you already have everything you need.