A quick word about Heartbleed

As many of you know by now, a major bug, now known as “Heartbleed” was discovered in the popular open source library OpenSSL this week, affecting hundreds of thousands of companies across the internet. We pride ourselves on being open and honest with our community, so we want to make sure to keep you all in the loop about where exactly Meetup stands vs. Heartbleed.

Meetup was probably not impacted, but you should change your password to be safe.

It’s unlikely that any information on Meetup was compromised. That said, add Meetup to your list of passwords to change because it only takes a minute, and unfortunately we can’t say confidently that we’re 10000% in the clear.

If you’re curious to know more:

Meetup runs a version of the OpenSSL software that was not vulnerable to “Heartbleed.” That being said, one of our vendors, Cloudflare, was impacted by the Heartbleed bug, and while it’s unlikely that Meetup was vulnerable as a result, it’s hard to know for sure.

Cloudflare introduced a patch before the bug was common knowledge, so everything is now secure.

Bottom line: it’s a best practice, internet-wide, to change your passwords on a regular basis. Given the excitement of this week, now is a good time to change yours on Meetup. It’ll take you less time than reading this blog post – we promise! Just head to your Account page, and click “edit”.