Sydney’s Women’s Boxing Bootcamp Meetup is all about getting physically fit, having fun, de-stressing, and empowering women. They make good on their mission: “Real training. Real change. Real women. And lots of sweat!”

That’s a mission we can get behind, and the perfect way to kick off a dreary winter week…except in Sydney, where the sun is shining and their gloves are glistening.

Upcoming Meetups include Anti-Valentines Day Boxing Fun, where women can “expect a fun environment where you will always be challenged no matter what level of fitness.”

Not for the faint of heart? On the contrary, this Meetup is all heart, all the time.


Lilith Ben-Or
Lil is thrilled to be a part of the Community Team, helping Meetup members create awesome Meetups, discover new interests, form lasting connections, and impact their communities. In her free time, Lil likes to learn 90s pop songs on the ukulele, eat dumplings, and write haikus.