Chrismukkah Meetups

Seeing that we’re in between Hanukkah and Christmas, we thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase a Meetup celebrating the spirit of both holidays—a Chrismukkah Meetup. 

East Valley Board Games recently hosted their 2nd Annual Chrismukkah Gaming Meetup.


This year they doubled the fun with an optional gift exchange coupled with a game their organizer, Felicity, made up on her own.

The RulesEach participating member had to write down three surprising facts about themselves, then throw them in a container. While gifts were exchanged, members took turns taking facts out of the container and guessing who’s who.

“The gift exchange was very fun!” Felicity said. “We learned that one of our members kissed Scott Baio at a Happy Days taping when she was 4 years old, and one of our members thought reindeers weren’t real until her mid-20s.”

For those who didn’t participate in the gift exchange, there were still plenty of strategy games, word games, and party games to choose from. As Felicity noted in her Meetup description:

10 Turns a-takin’

9 Catans a-Settlin’

8 Games of Spot It

7 Chardonnays a-spillin’

6 Games a-playin’

5 Power Grids!


We hope this Meetup will continue to be an annual tradition for the group, and that it inspires other Meetups to celebrate holiday mashups with such playful panache too.



Maki Yamamoto
Maki is thrilled to be part of the Community team, and enjoys guiding and supporting Meetup organizers and members. She likes pickles, paper crafts, polka dots, and alliteration.