Going Green with the H2O Trash Patrol Meetup

Every single being walking the earth is unique. Even identical twins, who share 100% of their DNA, have marked differences brought about by environmental factors. That’s 7 billion individuals, each carrying around a combination of traits that belong to them and only them.

Among all of this difference, there’s one inescapable thing that joins us together, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future  — that we all inhabit planet earth.

Most, if not all, can agree on the fact that our home planet desperately needs a giant hug. As Earth Day approaches, we wanted to shed light on an amazing Meetup group that humbly give our planet some much-needed love.

The H2O Trash Patrol: Paddleboarding/Surfing/Water Cleanup in Encenitas, California gets together twice a month to remove debris from local bodies of water — while stand up paddleboarding!

h20 trash patrol 2

This wonderful Meetup comes together to clean the planet. They not only remove garbage from our lakes and oceans, but they also work hard to educate others and bring awareness to their cause. Even better – they do this on a regular basis, meeting up every other Saturday to clean a different waterway. Keeping the earth habitable for future generations is an ongoing effort, and this Meetup sets a great example, all while turning clean-up into an exhilarating, fresh-air, fun activity.

Let’s all take a cue from the H20 Trash Patrol, and our earth will breathe a sigh of relief. Cheers to you, H20 Trash Patrol, for keeping a loving eye on our planet, and all those who inhabit it.



Pamela Rook
It warms Pamela's heart to see Meetup members connecting and forming long-lasting communities across the globe. That's why Pamela loves providing friendly support to the Meetup community. Pamela's favorite pastimes include sitting in adirondack chairs with friends, wandering Prospect Park, and channeling her inner Coach Taylor. She has to hold back from using exclamation points.