How We’d RATHER Spend Three Hundred Bucks

Phew, what a week. Meetup is back on our feet, and we feel like celebrating. So we’re doing what we love to do most: diving into the stories of local Meetup Groups.

Hundreds of Meetup Organizers and Members reached out to tell us about the difficulties they encountered during our recent service outage. Meetup’s Community Team is on the case, providing support and coaching. But we also decided to get creative and ask ourselves, what could we do with $300?

Why $300? In case you hadn’t heard, last week Meetup received an email demanding $300 ransom, or our servers would be overwhelmed with fake traffic, knocking us offline. Meetup refused to negotiate with criminals, and we faced intermittent downtime over a period of 4-5 days.

It was a rough few days for us, but we know that local Meetup Groups had to absorb the real impact. Here are three Meetup Group stories that stood out to us, and what we’re doing about it:


The Organizer of Women in the Wind – Georgia Peaches Chapter cancelled a long distance motorcycle ride due to bad weather, but the attendees didn’t get the email. Some were traveling hundreds of miles -yup, through that bad weather- creating all kinds of hassles for the Organizer and her Members.  When we heard about this one, we knew we wanted to do something special for their next Meetup.

The Women in the Wind has “a passion for giving back to the entire state of Georgia,” and next week they’re riding in a St. Patrick’s Day parade for charity, with proceeds going to a local animal shelter. Meetup will be making a $300 donation to the Homeward Bound Pet Rescue, which we’re told will buy a whole lot of dog chow.


The Burlington Writers Workshop provides as many as five workshops each week in Burlington, Vermont and also hosts occasional panel discussions, readings, and networking opportunities with experienced, professional writers.  In addition to their Meetup Events, the Burlington Writers Workshop also publishes an anthology every year, featuring stories, essays, poems, and photography by some of the 540+ members of the Meetup.

Last week, the Organizer was attending an event for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs and couldn’t share information about his Meetup Group with colleagues because the site was down.  To make up for the inconvenience, we’ll be making a $300 donation towards the promotion of the upcoming anthology and to help throw a party celebrating its launch on April 11.


The New Moms of South OC had a big moms night out planned last Saturday, but some of the moms couldn’t find the Event location, and had to miss the Meetup (even though they had arranged childcare). The next time these moms have a night out, we want to make sure it’s extra special- so we’ll be picking up their tab from a wine bar. You guessed it… with $300.


This isn’t all that we’ve got planned- we’ll be working on more of these $300 donations and sponsorships behind the scenes. Once again, thanks to the whole Meetup community for rallying together this past week, and thanks in particular to the people who took the time to tell us their stories.


Lena Krug
Kristin leads the Communications team, helping to tell the stories of Meetup Organizers and Members around the world. You'll find Kristin at lots of Meetups in the NYC area.