January 2014: Find Your People

January is always a big month for Meetup, and 2014 was no exception.

People started 13,060 new Meetup Groups, and Meetup Groups saw 50,000 new members joinevery day, on average! This is fantastic growth that hopefully benefits everyone in the Meetup ecosystem.


In January, people always resolve to connect with what’s important to them — and often that means finding and connecting with other people around those priorities. In other words, you want to Find Your People to move your life forward.

There are plenty of apps for finding out what’s up with the people you already know. But if you believe (as I do) that you haven’t already met all the people who will be important in your life, Meetup holds the promise of Finding Your People… finding those friends (& partners, co-conspirators, etc.) yet-to-be-discovered.

So we kicked off 2014 with a symbolic bang, a billboard-sized declaration around the corner from Meetup HQ in NYC:

Find Your People isn’t just an ad. It’s why Meetup exists, and it’s how Meetup works.

When Meetup doesn’t work, when Meetup Groups fail, a big reason is that enough people didn’t join. They didn’t find their people. So a major focus for 2014 is making it easier for members to signal the various topics they want to meetup about — and to better notify them of Meetups they’ll want to find.

As we get this right, we’ll see more people find their people, more meetups thriving, and community rising.

This is the first in a series of posts from Scott Heiferman, Co-Founder and CEO of Meetup. Expect to hear from him on a monthly basis about where Meetup is headed.


Scott Heiferman
Scott is Meetup's co-founder & CEO and focuses the team on our dream of a Meetup Everywhere about Most Everything (MEME). He co-founded the NY Tech Meetup and is organizer or member of lots of other Meetups.