Join the fight for net neutrality

Today we’re proud to join the Internet Slowdown to defend net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commissions is close to rendering a decision regarding potential internet regulations and the stakes couldn’t be higher. “The FCC’s current proposal surrounding the issue of net neutrality threatens the concept of a free and open internet,” explains Meetup’s general counsel David Pashman. “The FCC’s proposal would create a two-tiered internet with slow lanes for most companies and fast lanes for those willing and able to pay for it. This two­-tiered system fundamentally alters the nature of the internet as an open platform for innovation and entrepreneurship and threatens the economic growth that it has supported.”

The FCC’s proposed regulations go against the openness of communication and community that Meetup was created to support. Meetup believes that tech companies should compete on the basis of their products and services, not on their financial ability to negotiate a better deal with internet access providers. If rules like these had existed when Meetup was founded, we might not be sitting here, watching more than 170 thousand Meetups thrive, today. That’s why we’re banding together with internet advocates and like-minded companies across the country today to Go Slow, and inviting our members and organizers to join us. We hope that this collective action spreads awareness and inspires people who use and depend on the internet every day to rally against these restrictions. We all have to work together to make sure regulators see and understand that a truly free and open internet is the only way to go.

Meetup has already taken a stand—in July, we submitted comments with the FCC in support of net neutrality. Stand with us, and make your voice heard. Tell lawmakers to protect internet freedom and defend net neutrality.