The Force Awakens on Meetup

star wars 3

Credit: Chicago Jedi Meetup (a chapter of the Jedi Federation)

The holidays are approaching. While some people will be scrambling to find last-minute presents, many Meetuppers are taking time out together to travel to a galaxy far, far away — to celebrate the premiere of the newest installment of the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens!

We chatted with some Meetup groups to see what they had in store.  Lightsaber freeze mobs, costumed premiere outings, and trivia nights galore — this is just a taste of the many varied Meetups happening to celebrate this epic event.

Johann from Austin Geeks and Gamers writes: 

Movie nights have always been a staple of the “Austin Geeks and Gamers” Meetup calendar. We have gotten together this year to see Mad Max, Avengers, Ant-Man, Jurassic World, Fantastic Four, Terminator, The Martian, and a few other geeky movies already this year, usually in joint events with the “Dinner and a Movie” meetup group. So of course we have a movie night planned for Star Wars.”

They even themed their regular board game night.

Nerd HQ in Burnaby, BC have extensively prepared for the occasion by scheduling a series of Meetups to watch all of the Star Wars movies through the course of December, finally culminating in their main event watching the premiere together.

The Chicago Jedi Meetup (a chapter of the Jedi Federation) are attending  in full garb, that is, with robes and lightsabers (not to mention the force within). The following day, they have combined efforts with E.D.G.E. Theater to stage a lightsaber flash mob Meetup.


Credit: The Maryland/Virginia Jedi Chapter 

This is a cross generational fantasy film premiere, and there are so many ways to celebrate this epic moment in movie history. Listen to your inner Jedi voice, and find a Meetup where you can awaken the force with true fans.

*co-authored by Sarah Cassidy and Lydia Kopecky, Community Specialists, and Jedi masters for life