Meet the new Meetup

Today we re-launch Meetup with beautiful new apps for iOS and Android.

Everyday in thousands of cities, Meetup expands possibilities for our members by offering access to worlds. But it wasn’t easy enough to find the Meetups that could change your life. How can we help you train for a marathon, practice a language, get into tech, write a play, learn to cook, hike a mountain? How can we help more people have the life-changing experiences that happen when they meetup to do things they want to do in life?

  • Shows what you’ve been missing — what’s new, trending, or happening soon
  • Makes it easier than ever to join and start a Meetup
  • Exposes the breadth of Meetups available in 24 categories
  • Seeds Meetups around what people nearby are interested in

Expect more good things in the apps in the months ahead, and for the new Meetup to be on the web, too. (Apps were the priority because they had a lot of catching up to do.)