Meetup HQ on the town

We’re always looking for unique ways to thank our organizers and connect with our members. Sometimes we take them by surprise on what we affectionately call ‘Meetup Crawls’.

It’s kind of like photobombing, only better. Meetup Crawls are for new and old Meetuppers alike to get together as a team, and spend an evening visiting local Meetup groups unannounced.

Crawls are important to us because it’s an opportunity to hear some great Meetup stories, shower our organizers with gifts and praise, and witness the diversity of Meetups in our hometown of New York City.

Here are a few highlights from our most recent outing:

Taco Thursdays (& Tuesdays)

Taco Tuesday

Taco Thursdays (& Tuesdays) welcomed us with open arms, as they do all new members. This Meetup group is all about sharing food and fun conversation. After just a few minutes it was obvious how open and inviting they were as a community. What a simple and brilliant idea! Provided you like tacos, of course. 

NYC Pints ‘n Purls


Pints ‘n Purls recently celebrated five years of knitting, crocheting, and sharing drinks together. While we were introducing ourselves to members at the Meetup, someone pointed out a suitcase in the corner of the bar. A member who had moved away just so happened to be in town for a couple of days. When she saw that Pints ‘n Purls was hosting a Meetup, she made sure to adjust her travel plans and came straight from the airport to join them. Talk about closely knit friends…

Living Quirky NYC


Living Quirky aims to “challenge assumptions” and “honor and celebrate what makes each of us different”. We dropped by their Meetup, “The Quirk Games!” to find out more about the Living Quirky lifestyle.

We weren’t the only first time members in attendance, but everyone in the room acted like old friends. The friendly and welcoming tone the organizer set made us feel right at home. Their organizer described her Meetup best as a “collection of awesome humans”. We know it helps to have an awesome organizer, too.

Dropping by Meetups in action is always an eye-opening and energizing experience for the Meetup team. It reminds us of the magic and wonder of being a new member, and the importance of what happens when people meet face-to-face.


Rebecca Youngdahl
Rebecca is very happy to be a part of the Community Team and support members in getting together to build lasting connections. Outside of the office, she enjoys seeing live music, attempting to be a coffee and beer connoisseur, hanging out with dogs of all sizes, and finding any reason to bake something.