Meetup Fandoms

The Meetup ecosystem is a very diverse place. With over 200,000 Meetups ranging from dog playgroups to parent playdates, Meetup communities encompass just about anything and everything.

Including fandoms.

Fandoms are (quite simply) “fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture”. It’s the perfect Meetup.

Here are some of our favorite Meetup group fandoms:



Photo from The Trotting Crusaders Camping Trip Meetup

What’s it all about: Are you a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic– do you collect pony merch, do you identify as a “brony” or “pegasister”? Do you live in the New York City metropolitan area, or visiting NYC? Do you want to meet up with other My Little Pony fans and hang out, chat, just have fun? This is the group for you!

Member review: “Seems like there’s something for everyone here- art guild, museum trips, hikes, films, meals, you name it! My favorites by far are the big BNYC MONTHLY meetup parties. It’s like an all-afternoon hangout, and then an all evening dance party! Seriously, these ponies have great taste in music and woah they can DANCE! Join this group to meet new friends, celebrate pastel cartoon horses, and spread joy.

Shakespeare on the Beach


Photo from ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION and A Midsummer Night’s Dream

What’s it all about: Whether you’re dying for an excuse to get back into Shakespeare or are exploring his plays for the first time, there is no better way to get your fix than by reading them aloud with a friendly group of like-minded people.

Member review: Really great group, very welcoming. No experience necessary, no auditions, no judgement. A great, safe place to do a bit of public speaking and learn a bit of Shakespeare.

Peña Madridista NYC (Real Madrid Supporter’s Club)


Photo from NYC Supporters Club Cup 2015

What’s it all about: We are recognized by Real Madrid as an official Real Madrid supporter’s club. See our profile on the official Real Madrid website HEREReal Madrid NYC is a not for profit club, our only mission is to share our passion for Real Madrid and building a large New York network of fans and friends.

Member review: In a country where football takes the backburner in sports it’s hard enough to find football fans, let alone Madridistas. Joining the Peña has definitely changed my life for the better and has been such a rewarding experience. Not only has the Peña become my second home, I have also met some of my best friends here for the first time. We really are one big family and the warmth, fun and excitement along with the great Madridismo will keep you coming back! Hala Madrid!

LADA: Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army


Photo from Third Annual Hogwarts Express To Shell Cottage Beach Field Trip

What’s it all about: In 2008, we started as a group of adults who loves all things Harry Potter and now we are the 2nd largest Harry Potter fan group in the world!  We also realized that we love other geeky things like Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who and much more.

Member review: Pretty magical if I do say so myself

The 1st largest Harry Potter Meetup is, of course, The Group That Shall Not Be Named

Steampunked San Diego


Photo from San Diego Comic Con

What’s it all about: A group for the San Diego Steampunk community. All are welcome.  Our strength is in our diversity of interests and skills!

Member review: Mindbogglingly Awesome! The most newcomer-friendly, welcoming, tolerant, and fun community I’ve encountered you can imagine.

The Glasgow Doctor Who Society


Photo from Twice Monthly Meetup

What’s it all about: Glasgow Who, The Glasgow Doctor Who Society, is a lively community of Dr Who fans from all around Glasgow. Members come to meetings from as far afield as Ayr, Kilmarnock, Greenock and Falkirk. The group exists to give fans a chance to meet up and chat about the show, and anything else that happens to come up.

Member review: Absolutely the BEST BUNCH. Means more than just a group of crazy fan! They are the craziest homo sapiens!