Meetup International

Although Meetup is available in 180 countries, it has now truly become a global company by creating an International Team to focus on the needs of organizers and members worldwide.

The International Team consists of native language speakers and translators, copywriters, product managers, engineers and community specialists, all focused on improving the Meetup experience abroad.

The first step towards healthy international growth is localization. This means making sure Meetup’s content and experience is familiar to local members. To achieve this we hired copywriters in each of the languages we support, in order to develop an authentic brand voice. Meetup and its apps are available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.

We also launched Organizer Meetups in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, BerlinMunich, and Buenos Aires to meet with organizers in person and to create a local resource for organizers to connect, share and learn from one another in their native language.


Photo of the Berlin Organisatoren Meetup

What do members Meetup about in different countries? Let’s break it down:


Photo of the Internationals in Paris Meetup


Tech Meetups are the #1 trend in France. The largest Meetup is Growth Hacking in Paris. The oldest Meetup group in France is the American Expats in Paris, created in 2002.


Photo of the Barcelona ARTivities Meetup group


The #1 topic in Spain is Language Exchange. 50% of all Meetup groups are in Barcelona. The most active Meetup group in Spain is Plan B in Barcelona, which offers fun cultural activities like hikes and weekend trips. There are over 300 Meetup groups for Language Exchange.


Photo of the Rome Explorers Meetup


It’s no surprise that the #1 category in Italy is Movement and Politics. Other popular categories are Tech and Language Exchange. Italy’s oldest Meetup group is Roma English as a second language. 65% of registrations in the last month have been made by female members.


Photo of the Munich Lego Serious Play Meetup


Tech, Socializing, and Career/Business are the top three categories for Meetups in Germany. Berlin is the city with most Meetup groups (over 1,000) followed by Munich and Hamburg. Germany’s oldest Meetup group is The English Stammtisch.


Photo of the Language Exchange Sao Paolo Meetup


Brazil: Almost half of all Meetup groups in Brazil are in the Tech category (48%). Other popular categories are Career/Business, Language Exchange, and Socializing. The biggest Tech Meetup is Net Coders in São Paulo. In the last month, 73% of registrations have been by female members.

“It is fascinating to see how Meetup is used in the different countries: people meet face-to-face to learn new technologies, to practice languages, to start small businesses, to improve their environment, to discuss political issues, to support each other… everywhere in the world, we see communities where innovation, optimism, entrepreneurship and collaboration dominate; enable people to change their society.”  — Odile Beniflah, International Product Manager

This is just the beginning of Meetup’s international mission. The team works continuously to improve the voice, product and experience for members worldwide. Stay tuned for more news and announcements.


Romy Roloff
Romy joined the International team as Spanish Product Copywriter, and she's excited to see Meetup grow in Spanish speaking countries and worldwide, and for so many more people to Meetup! In her free time she likes attending concerts and eating spicy food.