Meetup Spotlight: Curious Kat’s Adventure Club

curiouskatWe recently connected with Kat, who organizes Curious Kat’s Adventure Club, one of the most active and successful Adventure Meetups in London.

At last count, her Meetup has over 6,000 members and she’s hosted 391 Meetups in just three short years.

New organizers and old organizers alike can benefit from her simple but sage advice on creating compelling Meetups and how to keep things ‘curiouser and curiouser’.


Meetup: What prompted you to start this Meetup?

Kat: One weekend I really wanted to go hiking but was not able to get a place on the hiking events as they were all full. I rounded up a couple of friends and we went to the location together, without a proper map or any idea what we were doing. We found the way and had a great day. It made me realise that I am a natural at it and if I put a bit more effort I could actually run a group myself. As my interests are varied I slowly started expanding and adding different types of Meetups until I realised that the sky was the limit.

Curious Kat’s Adventure Club is a community of interesting and curious people who like to explore London, England, and – let’s think big – the world in general. We tell members: If you would like to live your life to the fullest, have fun, make new friends and meet like minded people, then this is the place for you.

Know your Members

Meetup: Your Meetup’s location is certainly helpful in finding unique activities and Meetup ideas. How would you advise an Organizer in a more remote or challenging location?

Kat: That’s a very difficult question as I haven’t got any experience with running a group in a remote location. But knowing your group members and understanding their needs is the key. So I would advise them to learn as much as possible about their community.


Agent November – Spy Adventure

Vary your Meetups

Meetup: Your Meetup group is wildly successful. Right now you have over 80 upcoming Meetups with nearly each one offering members a unique experience. How do you find out about all these amazing places and activities?

Kat: I do a lot of Internet research as I’m quite curious by nature and I find it easy to spot the interesting events. I have a never ending list of ideas ready to be turned into fun Meetups.

We have a variety of Meetups set up for our members, ranging from high adrenaline white water rafting, to kayaking on the Thames and local hikes, to foodie adventures at unusual restaurants and party nights where you can meet the other members in full glamour rather than the usual outdoors gear. We also organise plenty of UK based trips (Whitby Dracula weekend, the biggest illuminated parade in Europe) and overseas trips such as La Tomatina (the Tomato fight in Spain), Lisbon’s San Antonio celebrations (the best weekend to visit Portugal), Greece sailing, Morocco Desert Trek or a Spa weekend with horse riding and kayaking in Poland, to name just a few.

We spend a lot of time searching for events that are slightly off the beaten track, planning and preparing them so members can just turn up and enjoy. Most of our members would agree that the Meetups run smoothly. 95% of the Meetups are given 5 stars and the lowest score we ever got was 4.5 out of 5.


Lewes Hiking Adventure

Put your heart into it

Meetup: Your Meetup descriptions are fun, cheeky and compelling. They match the tone and personality of your Meetup group. Who writes them?

Kat: It is mainly myself. Although if another one of our hosts works on a particular trip or event I like them to contribute to the description as well, as I think it is important to convey the passion we have in what we do!


Tomato fight in Spain – La Tomatina Adventure

Make Meetup your bucket list

Meetup: What’s up next for your Meetup group?

Kat: There is still a long list of trips and events on my bucket list. I am really keen on organising trips to Cuba, Turkey and India. I am also working on the details for a trip to Georgia.

Meetup: Thank you, Kat! Your Meetup group is on our bucket list too.


Bryan Velzy
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