Meetup Spotlight: Desi Empty Nesters

There are a lot of amazing Meetups out there that unite hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of people into large, vibrant communities.

But the Meetup ecosystem is also filled with smaller, more intimate groups that bring together a very specific subsection of a local community. Take the Desi Empty Nesters – NW Austin Meetup, for instance.

With a small but powerful membership of 28 people, the Desi Empty Nesters have become a dedicated and tight-knit family, where more often than not, at least half of all members attend each and every Meetup event.

We reached out to the Meetup’s organizer, Abha Sethi, to find out more about her Meetup experience. Says Abha, “I started this Meetup because my husband and I wanted to meet other couples in the Austin area who had similar backgrounds and were in the same stage of life.”

Abha has found a formula for her success: “I plan out activities that my husband and I would like to do, and talk it over with about 2 other couples.  Once I know that we will have at least 3 couples interested, I post it on the website. This way, no matter how many people can attend, we still have fun!”

They practiced their painting (and sampled some wine) on Valentine’s Day:


…they trekked through McKinney Falls State Park:


…and they had 100% attendance when they rang in 2015 with a New Year potluck dinner:


Here are some other best practices of this small-but-mighty Meetup:

Diversity: From bowling, to comedy shows, to dinner and a movie, the organizer keeps things interesting by scheduling all different types of Meetups.

Photos: The Desi Empty Nesters thoroughly document each gathering and post the photos to Meetup. It’s exciting for the members featured, and can give new and potential members a sense of what the community is like.

Consistency: There is almost always a Meetup scheduled, which is a very important part of keeping a membership engaged.


Kara Donaldson
Kara provides support to the Meetup community so that they can navigate the site and make their Meetups more successful. She'll most likely talk at you about The West Wing, Jane Austen, and/or your celebrity doppelganger.