Share your dreams on #MeetupMonday

This MLK Day, we’re excited to celebrate the first, of what we hope to be many, Meetups for #MeetupMonday. Here at Meetup HQ, we witness the power of local communities every day. Meeting up helps people change their lives for the better in ways both big and small. Meetup groups become essential communities that help members, organizers, and neighborhoods thrive.

In recent months our nation’s need for community has become clearer than ever. We want to help ensure every American can be part of a strong community that will let their voice be heard. That’s why we’ve launched #MeetupMonday in partnership with like-minded organizations across the nation—to bring people together, and spark conversations around the struggles we face today, and our dreams for tomorrow.

Today, in towns and cities across America, in living rooms and coffee shops, neighbors, friends and strangers will sit down together to share those dreams.

Join the conversation today, in person and on social media, using the #MeetupMonday hashtag. Share your dreams with the hashtag #MyDream. Getting involved in person is free and easy—just head to to join or start a Meetup near you.

Let’s get this conversation started.