Share your dreams on #MeetupMonday

This MLK Day, we’re excited to celebrate the first, of what we hope to be many, Meetups for #MeetupMonday. Here at Meetup HQ, we witness the power of local communities every day. Meeting up helps people change their lives for the better in ways both big and small. Meetup groups become essential communities that help members, organizers, and neighborhoods thrive.

In recent months our nation’s need for community has become clearer than ever. We want to help ensure every American can be part of a strong community that will let their voice be heard. That’s why we’ve launched #MeetupMonday in partnership with like-minded organizations across the nation—to bring people together, and spark conversations around the struggles we face today, and our dreams for tomorrow.

Today, in towns and cities across America, in living rooms and coffee shops, neighbors, friends and strangers will sit down together to share those dreams.

Join the conversation today, in person and on social media, using the #MeetupMonday hashtag. Share your dreams with the hashtag #MyDream. Getting involved in person is free and easy—just head to to join or start a Meetup near you.

Let’s get this conversation started.

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Change starts with conversation—Announcing #MeetupMonday

At Meetup, we believe in the power of community. Meetups foster understanding, empathy, and respect. We want a world filled with real local community, where the power is in people’s hands.

Right now, America needs the power of community more than ever. That’s why, inspired by Dr. King’s legacy, we’re starting #MeetupMonday.

This MLK Day, talk about your dream for America. Tell your story. Meetup with neighbors. For many, these conversations are already well underway. Now it’s time for everyone to be heard and to listen.

In partnership with CNCSPoints of Light, America’s PromiseCitizen University, and others, we invite you to join the #MeetupMonday movement—to take a break from your routine and talk about what’s happening in our neighborhoods, in our nation, and in our lives.

#MeetupMonday officially begins on January 19, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Here’s how you can get involved today:

  • RSVP or start a #MeetupMonday for free at
  • Share ideas, pictures, and video with the hashtag #MeetupMonday to social media.
  • Look at the Discussion Guide compiled by Citizen University to get the conversation started.

Starting your #MeetupMonday conversation

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about #MeetupMonday and what you can do to build a stronger community. Whether you’re organizing or want to know more about how to participate, these simple suggestions can set you up for success.

If you’re an Organizer of a Meetup group, just schedule a Meetup with #MeetupMonday in the title to participate. Just like Meetup, #MeetupMonday is about building community. Check our #MeetupMonday Community Guidelines to learn more.


#MeetupMonday Discussion Guide
Created by Citizen University


These Monday conversations, launching Martin Luther King Jr. Day, are made possible by Meetup and facilitated by partners like Citizen University and others.

Our hope is for participants to:

  • see and hear each other more fully
  • build trust and empathy
  • create a sense of shared destiny and common purpose


We’ll follow a simple 90-minute “talking circle” format. Form circles of 6-8 people. Agree on a timekeeper to guide the process. There will be four phases of about 20 minutes each.

  1. Participants introduce themselves by answering, in 3 minutes or less, a simple question: Why did you show up today?
  2. Everyone gets a chance to speak for 3 minutes to the topic you choose (see next section).
  3. Participants respond to each other with questions or reflections.
  4. Each participant commits to a next step, like volunteering or getting involved in local issues or organizing more gatherings.

Here are some ground rules for productive conversations:

  • listen deeply and compassionately – don’t interrupt to disagree or comment
  • respect the circle – turn off devices; don’t speak for more than allotted time
  • everyone gets heard – no one speaks a second time until all have spoken once
  • “yes, and” – don’t respond with “no” or “but”; try to bridge with “yes, and”
  • disagree well – don’t accuse others or be defensive; assume good faith


Here are a few possible questions to start and center the conversation. Choose one:

  • What is your dream for America now?
  • How can citizens like us build what King called “the beloved community”?
  • How do we convert protest to empowerment?

Each time round the circle, unexpected human connections will emerge. Listen for them. If the conversation drifts, return to the topic. There’s no “correct” outcome—but if everyone commits to sustaining the conversation, you’ll come up with ideas. And you’ll be practicing the kind of citizenship our country needs today.

Download this guide as a pdf