Meetup’s Hidden Features

The Community Team fields feature suggestions from organizers regularly, but it’s not unusual to receive a feature request for a tool we already have on site.

Some features are less often utilized and therefore a little harder to find, or only available on certain platforms.

For example, did you know you can check members into your Meetups on the Android app and via Mobile Web? Now you can.

Read on to discover a few hidden organizer tools you’ll find on the desktop site, which are helpful when it comes to learning more about your members, sharing documents, and promoting your Meetups.


Polls allow you to collect anonymous feedback to plan great Meetups and learn more about your members. Members can vote on the best weekend for a hiking trek, help you select reading material for a book club, choose between activities or even vote up the perfect venue for a party.

You can also ask high level questions for even more insight, like what makes your Meetups most valuable to your members.

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You’ll find the Polls feature under the More tab from your Meetup group’s homepage.

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File sharing

Let’s say you’re at a Cooking & Recipes Meetup when one thing leads to another and suddenly you’re claiming your grandmother’s banana bread is the best thing since sliced bread.

You can upload the recipe directly to your Meetup group so members can judge for themselves.

The Files page allows members to share documents and files with one another like music or even writing materials. Organizers can upload relevant membership documentation and send a link for each individual file to their members. They can also limit access to those files by making them only available to members of the Meetup group, or only to the leadership team.

Also located under More.

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Custom Meetup group printed materials

Printed materials make it easy for members to find you at your Meetups and can be a huge help in promoting your Meetup group IRL.

You can customize, download and print out tabletop signs, flyers, postcards, name tags and business cards via the Promote page, which you will also find under the magical More tab on your Meetup group home page.

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If you’re curious about member activity, you can download your member list into Excel via your members page, or review your overall Meetup group activity via the Stats page.

On the Stats page, you’ll find group data sorted visually for you in the form of charts. At a glance you will see trends in member joins, RSVPs, and activity over time – all of which can help you better understand your membership and plan great Meetups.

For more comprehensive stats, you can enable Google Analytics too.

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Mobile Web Check in

An often requested feature that’s exclusive to mobile web and Android users allows you to check members into your Meetups as they arrive.

Around the time your Meetup starts, you’ll find a button above the RSVP list that says ‘Start taking attendance.’


While some of these features are only available on desktop or mobile for now, we’re working hard behind the scenes to optimize the mobile app and mobile web experience to improve Meetup group management on-the-go.



Maki Yamamoto
Maki is thrilled to be part of the Community team, and enjoys guiding and supporting Meetup organizers and members. She likes pickles, paper crafts, polka dots, and alliteration.