Get Your Meetup to #OptOutside

REI has people buzzing about their decision to close all 143 of their stores on Black Friday and pay their employees to head outside. REI wants to see people get outside on Black Friday, and they want Meetup Organizers’ help. So today we’re excited to announce that Meetup is officially joining forces with REI and the #OptOutside movement, encouraging people to skip the lines on Black Friday and head outside.


Meetup Organizers can schedule a Meetup for Friday 11/27 and join a growing number of Meetups taking part. It’s as simple as scheduling an Outdoors Meetup on Black Friday and adding #OptOutside in the name.  To sweeten the deal, REI will promote the #OptOutside Meetups starting as soon as next week. That means by scheduling an #OptOutside Meetup, you’ll have a chance to reach new members who are passionate about the outdoors, but who might not know about your Meetup group yet.  

Let’s get Meetup members and many more to #OptOutside and explore the outdoors with Meetup. Don’t forget it’s only 10 days away!

Photo Credit: Sacramento Hikers & Company Meetup


Lena Krug
Kristin leads the Communications team, helping to tell the stories of Meetup Organizers and Members around the world. You'll find Kristin at lots of Meetups in the NYC area.