Organizer Spotlight: NYC Soccer

Dale Choonoolal has a mantra when it comes to his Meetup, NYC Soccer: “Always focus on doing the right thing on the field.” Every weekend, Dale’s members do just that. They get together to hang out, play some soccer, and dig into some post game brunch.

When Dale started NYC Soccer in 2008, he was looking to meet new people and build a business around his love of sports and the outdoors. By every measure, he’s succeeded. Today, NYC Soccer has more than 4,000 members and Dale is making seventy five thousand dollars per year. On top of that, Dale has met some of his closest friends through his Meetup.

Dale is quick to note that, “It’s not only a business, it’s a community.”

Dale puts in the work to make his group function. When he started, he called the Parks Department every day for three months to lock down the best field in the city. Before every game, he sorts the RSVPs into teams to maximize playing time.

Dale is quick to note that, “It’s not only a business, it’s a community.” Just because NYC Soccer makes money doesn’t mean that Dale thinks of his members like customers — his number one goal is to make sure that everyone feels comfortable. At every event, Dale personally introduces every new member to the rest of the rest of the attendees and puts the new players on his team to make sure that their first experience is awesome.

Despite the name, NYC Soccer isn’t just about playing soccer. They go for drinks after work, organize group barbecues, and even ski trips. Dale’s Meetup is special because he creates meaningful connections amongst his members – several members have even gone on to get married.

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Alex Godin
Alex helps with user research, with a focus on communication and connections within the Meetup community. He's a big fan of the Internet, NYC and weird foods.