Organizer Spotlight: Swift Language User Group

On June 2, Apple changed the lives of thousands of developers. At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage and introduced a brand new programing language called Swift. Over the next few weeks, more than 50 Meetups dedicated to learning about Swift sprung up around the world.

One of those Meetups was the Swift Language User Group in Silicon Valley. Arwa Jumkawala, a co-organizer of the Meetup, was “glued to the screen” during Apple’s keynote. As soon as the event wrapped up, she teamed up with a few developer friends and hopped on Meetup to start her group.

The demand for a Swift Meetup in Silicon Valley was huge – overnight the Meetup hit 200 members. When their first event received 237 RSVPs, Tim, the group’s main organizer and the Meetup’s first presenter, realized just how much work he had in front of him. He needed to learn enough about an entirely new subject to speak with some authority. Although he had lots of experience programming, the paradigm shifts in Swift were a big deal. In the end, he studied so hard that he barely slept during the week before the first Meetup.

“The thing about Swift is that everyone is a beginner,” explains Arwa. The playing field is leveled – no one is an expert, everyone is in it together. The Swift Language User Group aims to capitalize on this moment, and create a collaborative environment where members can learn together.

Looking to get ahead of the game? Check out a Swift Meetup near you.


Alex Godin
Alex helps with user research, with a focus on communication and connections within the Meetup community. He's a big fan of the Internet, NYC and weird foods.