What’s in a Meetup group logo?

If you’re looking to make your Meetup stand out, having an awesome logo is a great way to convey the purpose of the Meetup, stand out to new members and become a source of pride and recognition for the members you already have. And here’s the secret: a lot of Meetups don’t have them!  Read on to see what goes into a great logo design and to find out how to get a unique logo made for your Meetup.


Inside the design of a great Meetup group logo: 

This one comes from New Tech Northwest.  They went the professional route (but don’t stress, there are other options).  They had a design agency do up a design to convey these ideas:

1. The community has to feel an affinity for the logo to identify as a part of New Tech’s identity.
2. Color – Blue and Green are all you see in the Northwest and it feeds us.
3. People – a font that represents a community you feel a part of, like a favorite sports team.
4. Place – Pacific Northwest elements the community feels represent them – Mount Rainier (nature), the Space Needle (innovation) and hugely tall trees (nature). We’re only missing the water.
5. Technology – microchip fibers; the foundational highways that support the communications that drive innovation.

Here are more examples of what some other Meetups have done:




Designing your own logo: 

If you can’t go the professional agency route, here are some other options:

  1. Ask a super talented family member to make something for you.
  2. Reach out to your Meetup community.  There’s always someone who knows someone who knows a friends of a friend who can call in a favor.
  3. Use Fiverr. Custom logo design for as low as $5.
  4. Stay tuned for upcoming Meetup group logo templates in the next few months!


Share it with us!

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Happy logo-ing!




Finding Community & Beauty in a Ghost Town

Around 200 years ago thousands of people migrated to New Mexico and other western lands in search of gold, silver, copper, and turquoise.

Hundreds of towns sprang up to accommodate the rapid migration, many of which were later abandoned with as much haste.

These deserted settlements, now “Ghost Towns,” bear structures that serve as eerie and beautiful monuments to the American dream.

Ghost Towns of New Mexico

The Photographic Exploration of Ghost Towns of New Mexico Meetup brings folks with a sense of adventure and interest in history on trips to check out the remains of these towns.

Whether your interest is in exploration, local history, or photography, this Meetup delivers. Organizer Joshua started the Meetup in November 2015, and together they’ve already uncovered many local treasures, including the abandoned silver mines of Lake Valley, an endangered historic tavern, and crumbling buildings marred by roaming bison.



But why drive hours out of your way to see old foundations and rusted metal?

Joshua put it best:

“…wordly travelers spend much money and time gazing at ancient stone ruins in Europe, South America, Central America, and Asia. Though New Mexico has been settled for hundreds of years, what remains of the abandoned settlements and mining towns is our ‘Machu Picchu’. That is the reason I wanted to form such a Meetup. Developing a photographic history of what NM has left before they crumble away. I feel there is just as much history and beauty in an old rusting car or an old Post office as is of a pile of stones that fell off a Greek gathering place.”

Wherever you live, you can find beauty and meaning in your local history. Why not explore it with cameras and friends?

Updates to our Community Guidelines

As part of our efforts to create a better member experience, we’ve decided that some Meetups we previously allowed will no longer be allowed. Starting today, adult photography, dating service, and pick-up artist Meetups will no longer be allowed (see more policy specifics here).  Additional updates will be announced in the weeks ahead.

Why we’re making changes

We care deeply about the quality of experiences people have on Meetup. This isn’t a throwaway line. It’s backed up by a sustained investment in the integrity of our platform. One quarter of the company works on either our Community or our Trust & Safety teams. These Meetuppers review and approve Meetups before they launch, support organizers with ongoing coaching and support, and enforce our community guidelines (Be Real, Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Kind).

We’re inspired every single day by people meeting up coming together in common purpose to pursue their passions. To make those communities possible, and to make sure our members feel safe and supported, we need to remove groups that don’t foster that same communal spirit.

To some, the updates to our community guidelines will be unwelcome. And we accept that. Our promise is that we’ll focus on serving the most people, and work everyday to make the best experiences we can for our members and organizers.

Carpe Diem in the Windy City

We all have one — that long bucket list of things we’d love to do but just haven’t seemed to have the chance to do yet.  What’s on yours? Skydiving? Going on that cross-country road trip you’ve always dreamed of? Seeing the Northern Lights?

One of the biggest obstacles might be that you haven’t found the right people to take these plunges with.  Enter the Chicago Bucket List Meetup.

Founded over five years ago in the Windy City, this inclusive and active Meetup has endless amounts of wacky adventure. “Our group is diverse but we all have something in common – we love to have fun!”

Ready to go dragon boat racing? Uh, yes. Check.

dragon boat racing

What about joining in on a poetry slam? Check.

Demolition derby? Check.

demolition derby

Mountain bike through the Rockies? Check.

mountain biking

Pushing yourself to try new experiences gives you not only the chance to check some activities off the ole bucket list (with some great adrenaline rushes!), but also the ability to find that *something more* that you’ve been craving — a deeper exploration of you.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll add some new friends along the way.  

Trash to Treasure

It’s April, and you know what that means — time for spring cleaning! We’ll sort through our clothes, we’ll purge our garages, we’ll clear out our junk drawers. But to do with all that stuff?

What if, instead of disposing of everything, we give it new life? What if we “upcycle”and turn that trash into treasure?

Well, guess what….there are Meetups for that.


The Meetup Upcycling Community is a vibrant collection of thrifty doers who use creativity and collaboration to transform that unwanted stuff into magical creations.

Take The Upcyclers – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Meetup. They transform everyday items into masterpieces of creativity.

And then we have the Gateway Arts District UpcycleJunkies Meetup. Run by organizer Senior Dumpster Diva, they pool together their discarded objects, help inspire each other, and share DIY techniques.

They create mosaics from mirrors, flower pots, frames. They turn broken costume jewelry into bouquets. They meet to create vision boards, spark ideas, and share supplies.

They also drink wine, share snacks, and gab. Now, those are definitely Meetups to treasure.

Going Green with the H2O Trash Patrol Meetup

Every single being walking the earth is unique. Even identical twins, who share 100% of their DNA, have marked differences brought about by environmental factors. That’s 7 billion individuals, each carrying around a combination of traits that belong to them and only them.

Among all of this difference, there’s one inescapable thing that joins us together, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future  — that we all inhabit planet earth.

Most, if not all, can agree on the fact that our home planet desperately needs a giant hug. As Earth Day approaches, we wanted to shed light on an amazing Meetup group that humbly give our planet some much-needed love.

The H2O Trash Patrol: Paddleboarding/Surfing/Water Cleanup in Encenitas, California gets together twice a month to remove debris from local bodies of water — while stand up paddleboarding!

h20 trash patrol 2

This wonderful Meetup comes together to clean the planet. They not only remove garbage from our lakes and oceans, but they also work hard to educate others and bring awareness to their cause. Even better – they do this on a regular basis, meeting up every other Saturday to clean a different waterway. Keeping the earth habitable for future generations is an ongoing effort, and this Meetup sets a great example, all while turning clean-up into an exhilarating, fresh-air, fun activity.

Let’s all take a cue from the H20 Trash Patrol, and our earth will breathe a sigh of relief. Cheers to you, H20 Trash Patrol, for keeping a loving eye on our planet, and all those who inhabit it.


Stretch & Move Your Way to Laughter

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine and that yoga is 99 percent practice, only one percent theory. Putting the two together — in a rousing session of Laughter Yoga — is an enriching way to thaw out from the cold of winter and step into the sunshine of spring. A splendid way to treat yourself: both mind and body, with a hearty side of giggles.

Laughter Yoga Club Manchester prides itself on keeping each and every Meetup simple and playful. All you have to do is show up and laugh. There’s no pressure to dazzle others with jokes, force a smile, or even show up in a good mood. The beauty is showing up exactly as you are and relaxing into the moment.


Mustering up the courage to attend any sort of fitness related Meetup can be a little intimidating. There can often be a little bit of hesitation when stepping into a new class or workshop, asking yourself: Will I know the right moves? What will the instructor be like? Will I stick out as the “new person”? The good news is this: that’s normal! Almost everyone feels those unsure feelings about being new.

The important part is to step directly through that hesitation to find what’s on the other side. More often than not, there’s a group of people waiting with open arms.


The best Meetups are run by dedicated individuals like Maria, organizer of Laughter Yoga Club Manchester, who create a safe and welcoming environment for each and every member.

Members reveal the sort of lighthearted transformation that takes place at each Meetup. Member Tasha commented, “My soul was cleansed!” on a recent Meetup. George also wrote about the sort of community that he’s discovered: “You get a real sense of the positive values of laughing yoga, which mean you leave feeling relaxed, enriched and above all, happy! Strongly recommend.”

If you’re still unsure, that’s okay. Take a leap of faith and treat yourself to a heart-lifting, body-moving adventure. Find a local yoga Meetup — laughter or otherwise — near you.

Spring Blooms in DC’s Historical District

Spring has officially arrived, and with it comes sunnier days, warmer weather, and plans of weekend getaways.

For residents in Washington, DC, spring also signals the arrival of one of the city’s most iconic sights– the famous cherry blossoms. Since 1912, when the mayor of Tokyo gifted 3,000 cherry trees to the city of Washington, DC, the trees have symbolized the enduring friendship between Japan and the US.

peak bloom

In DC, the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival is a huge event, with crowds rivaling those of NYC’s Times Square. The blossoms are only considered to be at full bloom for a 5 to 6 day period, and at “peak bloom” only for a single day, making the sight all the more special.

The Washington, DC History & Culture Meetup, a Meetup centered around exploring the rich culture of the DC area that boasts 3,474 members, recently took advantage of this spring spectacle with a Cherry Blossom Friday Night “Peak Bloom” Walk. Seventy-one “Washingtonians” met up to take the nearly 3 mile walk around DC’s Tidal Basin, the focal point of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, passing historical sites like the Jefferson Memorial and MLK, Jr. Memorial along the way.

peak bloom 2

This is the second year that Organizer Robert Kelleman has taken the group on this walk. Attendee Jimisha, a DC resident for over four years, but first time cherry-blossom viewer, said it did not disappoint. Others cited the breathtaking beauty of the flowers too, as well as the amazing company of their fellow Meetupers.

Whether you live in the DC area and are able to catch the blooms before they disappear or not, the Washington, DC History & Culture Meetup’s Cherry Blossom Walk is a great reminder for us all to get out and smell the flowers!

Keep Calm & Color On

Go into any bookstore and you’ll realize that coloring is no longer just for kids. Almost overnight, coloring has become an immensely popular adult activity. In the madness of everyday life, coloring gives us a chance to slow down, relax, and reconnect with the simpler things.

Mad About Coloring! Toronto recognizes that coloring doesn’t just invite calmness, but also community. With more than 400 members, Mad About Coloring! hosts monthly Meetups, where members can connect with other coloring enthusiasts. Held at local Toronto restaurants and cafes, members can express their creativity, while building connections with others, often over a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee.


Mad About Coloring!’s organizer, Yvette, makes sure that each Meetup is a unique experience, offering different themes and a variety of locations. Yvette encourages anyone who’s interested to attend, noting that the only things you need to bring are “your enthusiasm, creative urges, and feel-good attitude.” Everyone is welcome.

Meetups like Mad About Coloring!, show the world how simple passions can be the ones that connect us the most. Perhaps, in the not so distant future, we will actively choose paper over screen, pencils over keyboards. Until then, Mad About Coloring will continue connecting Toronto, one doodle at a time.

‘Give First’ in New Tech Seattle

With nearly 10,000 members, New Tech Seattle is currently the largest tech-focused Meetup in the Pacific Northwest and has become a cornerstone of the tech community for the region. New Tech Northwest, which is comprised of Meetups in Seattle, Eastside, Tacoma, Portland, as well as a newsletter, has over 21,000 members in total.

New Tech Seattle prides itself on its ‘give first’ attitude, where each member hopes to contribute to the community before expecting a return. Their 500+ attendees each month come together to create a one-stop social stop for tech professionals and fanatics.

We recently got to chat with Brett Greene, New Tech Seattle’s co-founder and current organizer. Greene co-founded New Tech Seattle with Red Russak in 2013.

Meetup: Can you tell us a little bit about New Tech Seattle’s ‘give first’ culture?

Greene: We believe in building relationships at our events rather than looking for business transactions. This means that a new person at an event feels like a new neighbor at the neighborhood bar-b-que. We learn what you’re interested in and try to help you move forward with your tech career, company or life. It’s a much more fun and fulfilling way to live and network.

The members of our community take ownership in creating a culture where we care about others before taking actions to get what we want. That’s giving first.

M: What are some examples of your proudest moments with the Meetup?

G: There are many small proud moments that add up like people in the community getting jobs, finding co-founders, starting events like Here Seattle and Puget Sound Programming Python, and other ways they take action based on making connections and being inspired at our events.

My proudest moment was being invited to participate at the Tech Meetup at The White House. That was totally unexpected and allowed us to share our experiences, learn from others and be recognized as a Meetup making a difference.

white house new tech

M: Can you share examples of current community outreach initiatives?

G: Outside of the events, we’re doing two really cool things. The first is that we’re building ongoing partnerships with Union Gospel Mission sending Search and Rescue vans of tech leaders, organizers, employers and techies from our community out to help our homeless friends. There are additional initiatives we’ll be rolling out to expand on these efforts. The second way we’re giving back to the greater community is working with SeattleWorks to connect individuals and tech companies in our community with hundreds of volunteer opportunities across Seattle.

Last year, our community raised over $4,000 for STEM education for underserved minorities and women as part of the Geeks Give Back campaign. Those funds were matched by a local investor before going to the state of Washington where they were again matched. This resulted in contributing over $12,000 to scholarships for kids who need the support.

M: Can you give us a snapshot of what is coming up for New Tech Seattle?

G: We’re very excited about our 4th annual special event with the University of Washington happening in April. This is our biggest event every year because we partner with UW and hold New Tech Seattle on campus. The New Tech Seattle regular community mixes with computer science and engineering students.

This year may be bigger than the previous largest crowd of 1,000 people. A past highlight was one of the past presenters selling his company to eBay months after presenting at this event. It’s a fantastic time and expands our community further. The more diverse our community is, the richer the experiences are for everyone.

new tech seattle 2

Their Meetups happen on the 2nd Tuesday (Seattle), 2nd Thursday (Tacoma), 3rd Monday (Portland), and 3rd Tuesday (Eastside – Bellevue, Redmond & Kirkland) of every month.