Photography Meetups: A Snapshot

Here at Meetup, we are constantly working to build new features and improve existing ones to better serve our diverse community. Some Meetups make frequent use of onsite messaging, while others prefer to share ideas in message boards. One of the best parts of working at Meetup is getting to see all of the unique ways Meetup groups make the platform work for them.

Recently, we spent some time digging into how Meetups in the Photography category make the most of our platform. Photography Meetup groups are notoriously good at keeping their members engaged both offline and online, so there’s a ton to learn from them no matter what the scope of your Meetup may be!


Photo Contests

Tokyo Visionary Photographers Meetup

(c/o george p., Tokyo Visionary Photographers Meetup)

It should come as no surprise that Photography Meetup groups love our photo tools. They create tons of photo albums documenting Meetup events and projects that members are working on together. But they don’t stop there – they use photo albums to host photo contests. While each Meetup group has their own style of contest, one thing remains the same: the interactive and (friendly!) competition of photo contests are super effective at keeping members engaged.



Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.58.27 PM

(c/o Houston Photowalks Meetup)

Photography Meetups are built around creating and sharing images, but that doesn’t mean that members shy away from the written word! In between Meetup events, members of photography Meetups stay connected by commenting on photos and events to share tips, thoughts, critiques, or just to chat. This is an awesome way to keep the community alive and to keep connections between members strong.


Photos of Meetups

The New York City Digital Photography Meetup

(c/o lynman91, The New York City Digital Photography Meetup)

You don’t have to be a member of a photography Meetup group to take photos! One of the biggest reasons that members don’t come out to Meetups is because they just don’t know quite what to expect! Meeting up can be nerve-wracking at first, and using photos to give new members a super clear idea about what they can expect is an awesome way to ease those first-time jitters. Not only do Photography Meetups share photos from projects and shoots, they’re also great about snapping shots of the Meetups themselves. Seeing an album full of smiling faces is sure to make any newcomer feel welcome.


Varied Meetups

Sonoma County Photography Meetup

(c/o Sonoma County Photography Meetup)

From photo walks that allow members to rediscover their city, to studio sessions and workshops where amateur photogs can step up their game, and even the occasional happy hour, photography Meetups know that hosting a variety of Meetups keeps members coming back for more. Meetup fatigue is common when there’s only one type of gathering repeated ad infinitum. By playing with venues and activities, members are more likely to feel that each Meetup will be a unique experience not to be missed.

So whether you’re long-time organizer or you’ve just started your first Meetup group, there’s a ton to be learned from Photography Meetups on how to keep members engaged and excited. Have some more tips of your own you want to share? Let us know! We’d love to chat 🙂


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