Play with your Meetups

Do you consider yourself an athlete? Or perhaps you’re just a human who enjoys breathing, like me.

Meetup has sports for all levels of energy and enthusiasm, even imaginary sports.

Check out the new, modified and “improved” sports being played by Meetup members all over the world, and maybe in your backyard.

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is exactly like soccer, except that you’re encased in a bubble. Seriously.


This is a picture from the Bubble Soccer Korea Meetup in Seoul, South Korea. Pretty neat, huh?

Bubble soccer is all over the world! Check it out in your community, especially if you’re into soccer and/or bouncing into people.


According to Wikipedia, in broomball “there are two teams, each consisting of six players: a goaltender and five others. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opponent.”

Thank you, Wikipedia. But it’s more than just that.

Broomball is basically the same as hockey, except you play with a broom instead of a hockey stick. And you wear sneakers instead of iceskates.

I’ve played this before and it’s awesome. Don’t take it from me, though. Check out the Omaha Broomball Club doing their thing:



If you’ve never heard of quidditch, then I assume you’re not a wizard. Or at least you think you’re not a wizard.

Fear not, there’s plenty of time to become one, and what better place to start than playing quidditch.

Based on the sport in the Harry Potter series of books, quidditch is a now a popular, full-contact sport played all over the U.S. (You can find the official rules here, mudblood.)


Check out these members of the Honolulu Quidditch Team flashing their skills.


Contrary to what you might think, pickleball is not the practice of placing tennis balls in a vinegar brine.

Rather, it’s a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. According to the Chapel Hill Pickleball Enthusiasts Meetup, it’s also “the fastest growing sport” in the U.S.


Photo from the World’s First Kitchen Tournament.

Here’s a quote from their Meetup group homepage: “Pickleball is FUN to play and EASY to learn. The game combines fitness with friendship. Humor and laughter are common. And the spirit of the game is positive and supportive. An average doubles game lasts about 15 minutes.”

Whoa! I can’t even dill with how fun that sounds.

Ok, no more pickle puns. I don’t want to be accused of dilling with this immaturely.

Runaround ping pong

Last but not least, I bring you this picture from my native New York City, of people running around a ping pong table.


As the New York Runaround Ping Pong Meetup says, this sport is for:

  • Anyone who likes to laugh. In a group of strangers and friends.
  • Anyone who likes fresh air and parks.
  • Anyone who likes helping others.
  • Anyone who is a human and enjoys breathing

Alright, I admit: I added the last bullet point there, but you get the picture.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and play with your Meetups or invent a new one.

Wizards, the same applies for you.


Ben Tumin
Ben is a Senior Community Specialist and provides support and customer service to the Meetup community. When not at work, he can be found chasing and retrieving used tennis balls, eating a mixture of dry and wet food out of bowls, and sleeping on the bed even though he's not supposed to.