Meetup was founded in 2002 with the mission of bringing people together locally, after Scott Heiferman’s experiences in NYC around 9/11.

Facebook connects you with close friends. LinkedIn connects you with your professional contacts. Twitter connects you with Ashton Kutcher. Meetup connects you with the people near you who are doing the things you want to do.

Meetups are real-world, face-to-face gatherings.

Call it old school or revolutionary, but Meetuppers use the internet to get off the internet.

Meetups are organized by members, for members.

Of the millions of Meetups that have happened, each has been organized by a passionate, local organizer. There are 20 million Meetup members.

There’s a Meetup for just about anything…

… Except hate or crime.

The top three communities on Meetup are:

And the fastest growing community is Tech Meetups.

And there’s a Meetup just about anywhere.

There are Meetups in 180 countries.

Groups pay a small monthly fee.

The head organizer of a Meetup pays a subscription of about $12 a month, which they can offset via dues, event fees, or contributions from members. This keeps the Meetup network ad-free and quality-rich.

Meetup is one very special word.

Whether you’re talking about our company, our site, or the phenomenon of people getting together, write “Meetup” rather than “,” “Meet Up,” “a meet-up” or any of the other misspellings that keep us up at night and make our mothers leave concerned voicemails.

Meetup is made in NYC.

And don’t you forgettaboutit.

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