Spooky Meetups

We know. It’s almost Halloween, and you’re too excited. You’re consuming science fiction novels at an alarming rate. You’re flying through The Walking Dead on Netflix. You’ve been prepping for your office costume contest for months, and this year, you’re going to win.

At Meetup, we think you shouldn’t wait a moment longer–every day can be as eerie as October 31st. Whether you’re ghost hunting in deserted cemeteries and haunted houses, stargazing in the hopes of spotting a UFO, getting creative by writing a scary story, or kicking back and watching a horror movie, take a look at how the Meetup community indulges in their spookiest hobbies:

The Colorado Ghost Hunting Meetup group host paranormal investigations regularly for amateurs and professionals, providing ample opportunities for members to get started or hone their craft. They recently met up for the 4th Annual Spirits of Colorado Paranormal Convention — the largest convention of its kind in Colorado. There were “over twenty paranormal events to choose from including classes, forums, ghost hunts, workshops, psychic readings, plus a midnight seance & slumber party for those brave enough to stay the night!” Sweet dreams are made of this for some Meetuppers:


The Brooklyn Paranormal Society Meetup, and it’s merry band of Boo-zers, has explored Greenwood Cemetery, Fort Greene Park, and Prospect Park on foot. Their mission: “The Brooklyn Paranormal Society was founded in 2015 by inexperienced investigators with a common vision of finding ghosts while inebriated.” This November they will venture out to Mount Misery in Long Island to investigate spooky action at a site where not one but two hospitals burnt down in the past 300 years. Eek.


The Adelaide Hills X-Group‘s delightful mission is “to bring together people with similar belief systems, experiences, interests and theories in Paranormal, Extraterrestrial, Ufology & Other Unexplained Phenomenon and Strangeness”. They recently attended the Nexus conference to chill with some faraway visitors:


Maybe it’s truly all in your head, in which case you can spare yourself the excitement of diving into your fantasies with other fanatics and simply Meetup to write about them. Or do both, like Shanghai Horror Writers and Urban Explorers Meetup. Here they are gleaning inspiration and getting ready for Halloween at “Happy Valley”:


Not to be outdone by Meetup theme mashups, the Kansas City Dog Club Meetup recently hosted a potluck pooch playdate halloween pumpkin carving brunch (say that ten times fast) proving that not all scary pumpkins or pups are created equal…like, who invited this guy:


If you want to get as much mileage out of your costume as possible, join the Cosplay LA Meetup, where members are interested in getting to know the person wearing the masque and the persona behind it:


Have fun and be safe this Halloween season, now knowing that the fun never has to end for whatever you’re into, wherever you are.


Lilith Ben-Or
Lil is thrilled to be a part of the Community Team, helping Meetup members create awesome Meetups, discover new interests, form lasting connections, and impact their communities. In her free time, Lil likes to learn 90s pop songs on the ukulele, eat dumplings, and write haikus.