Meetup joins tech companies to stand with Apple

Meetup believes our members have a right to privacy, security, and transparency: values which underlie the fabric of the internet. That’s why we joined 16 other tech companies (representing more than one billion users) to stand with Apple against government overreach and to protect the privacy and security of our members. Together, we filed an amicus brief that argues the government should not be allowed to force Apple to make software to break their own security.

Member privacy and security is a priority for Meetup, and something we’ll champion inside and outside of Meetup HQ.

(For those who haven’t followed the case closely, you can read all about it in Wired.)


Lena Krug
Kristin leads the Communications team, helping to tell the stories of Meetup Organizers and Members around the world. You'll find Kristin at lots of Meetups in the NYC area.