The NJ Tech Meetup’s ‘No Show List of Shame’

Guest blog contributor Aaron Price, Organizer of the NJ Tech Meetup, divulges his No-Show management secrets:

When I decided to start the NJ Tech Meetup, I knew it would take a lot of time and dedication, potentially away from my full time focus as founder of  I wasn’t eager to put in tons of time if a high percentage of RSVPs were no-shows at each meetup, a frustration I often heard voiced from organizer friends.  I decided to launch our group with a policy to thwart the problem: The No Show List of Shame.

Here’s how it works: I ask our members who RSVP for an event to update that RSVP before the event if they can’t make it.  Simple enough, right?  Treat us with respect and we’ll do the same.  Offenders end up on the No Show List of Shame that we send out to the entire group.  Two-time offenders are banned from the group entirely.

The results?  Since our meetups always have a waitlist, it’s a fair way to let people in who want to attend and keep the room full.  Our last event is fairly representative: 190 attendees, 8 no-shows = 4.2% No Show Rate.

I’ve found the people respect the policy and stay very attentive to an RSVP as plans change.  Moreso, others appreciate when a seat opens up that lets them in.  This creates a helpful and respectful community of members.

In the 3 years I’ve been running the group, I’ve received exactly two complaints from no-show’ers who made the list compared with tons of praise and appreciation toward the policy.  To me, that’s a fair price to pay to make room for the many hundreds who have been able to attend as spots open up.

Given the focus I have to my main passion,, I have huge appreciation for how we each spend our time and respect our teammates.  The NJ Tech Meetup is no different – treat members professionally, ask them to respect your time, and a stronger community is formed for all.


Katie Hawley
Katie loves storytelling and also happens to be terribly fond of local community. She’s psyched to combine those passions, by sharing and celebrating the stories of the millions of awesome Meetup members.