Trash to Treasure

It’s April, and you know what that means — time for spring cleaning! We’ll sort through our clothes, we’ll purge our garages, we’ll clear out our junk drawers. But to do with all that stuff?

What if, instead of disposing of everything, we give it new life? What if we “upcycle”and turn that trash into treasure?

Well, guess what….there are Meetups for that.


The Meetup Upcycling Community is a vibrant collection of thrifty doers who use creativity and collaboration to transform that unwanted stuff into magical creations.

Take The Upcyclers – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Meetup. They transform everyday items into masterpieces of creativity.

And then we have the Gateway Arts District UpcycleJunkies Meetup. Run by organizer Senior Dumpster Diva, they pool together their discarded objects, help inspire each other, and share DIY techniques.

They create mosaics from mirrors, flower pots, frames. They turn broken costume jewelry into bouquets. They meet to create vision boards, spark ideas, and share supplies.

They also drink wine, share snacks, and gab. Now, those are definitely Meetups to treasure.


Kara Donaldson
Kara provides support to the Meetup community so that they can navigate the site and make their Meetups more successful. She'll most likely talk at you about The West Wing, Jane Austen, and/or your celebrity doppelganger.