Updates to our Community Guidelines

As part of our efforts to create a better member experience, we’ve decided that some Meetups we previously allowed will no longer be allowed. Starting today, adult photography, dating service, and pick-up artist Meetups will no longer be allowed (see more policy specifics here).  Additional updates will be announced in the weeks ahead.

Why we’re making changes

We care deeply about the quality of experiences people have on Meetup. This isn’t a throwaway line. It’s backed up by a sustained investment in the integrity of our platform. One quarter of the company works on either our Community or our Trust & Safety teams. These Meetuppers review and approve Meetups before they launch, support organizers with ongoing coaching and support, and enforce our community guidelines (Be Real, Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Kind).

We’re inspired every single day by people meeting up coming together in common purpose to pursue their passions. To make those communities possible, and to make sure our members feel safe and supported, we need to remove groups that don’t foster that same communal spirit.

To some, the updates to our community guidelines will be unwelcome. And we accept that. Our promise is that we’ll focus on serving the most people, and work everyday to make the best experiences we can for our members and organizers.


Lena Krug
Kristin leads the Communications team, helping to tell the stories of Meetup Organizers and Members around the world. You'll find Kristin at lots of Meetups in the NYC area.