Where do we go from here: Chaos or community? -MLK

After 11 years of building Meetup, I saw a quote that embodies my passion for what we’re doing. It also happens to be the title of MLK’s final book, so on this day, I want to share it.

“Where do we go from here: chaos or community?”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

The words are meaningful because they represent a stark choice, one as relevant today as it was in 1967. It’s a provocative question with (I hope) an obvious answer. Let’s choose community, and let’s go build it together.

-Scott Heiferman
Co-founder, CEO of Meetup


Scott Heiferman
Scott is Meetup's co-founder & CEO and focuses the team on our dream of a Meetup Everywhere about Most Everything (MEME). He co-founded the NY Tech Meetup and is organizer or member of lots of other Meetups.