Your Next Meetup is at your Fingertips

We’ve redesigned Meetup’s mobile experience, offering mobile web, iPhone, and Android users a cleaner look and a seamless experience across platforms.

It’s never been easier to find Meetups meant for you. Here’s a tour of our streamlined navigation:


Use the map to get directions straight to your event’s location. We’ll also show you other great Meetups happening near you.


View your upcoming Meetups and discover great events you never knew were happening. Sort your calendar by ‘All Meetups Nearby,’ ‘My Meetups & Suggestions,’ ‘My Meetups,’ or ‘I’m Going.’


Scroll through your complete list of groups and discover the perfect Meetup you never knew was out there!


Customize your profile. Meetup’s ‘Profile’ tab has been redesigned to let mobile users modify account settings and tailor what other members see.

You’re one step closer to your next Meetup.

Don’t have the app yet? Download it free here: